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Summer Lovin Baby

Oh hello, Summer.

It's my favorite time of the year. Yes, It's hot. As a July baby, and a Cancer sign, I LOVE the Summertime!

The days are longer, and I love to make the most of the increased time when the sun is up.

Quiet time on the deck or porch after I have decorated and made a cozy or entertaining space for family and friends.

Grounding myself barefoot in the grass or yard as I water my flowers or weed the garden.

Napping or reading on the chaise lounge.

Taking a walk with the dog, or by myself to take in some fresh air and sunshine for Vitamin D.

There are many ways to enjoy the weather of the season. It is vital to my mental health to take up as much of the outdoors as I can while the getting is good. I even enjoy the rain while sitting on my porch.

To help your sleep, get yourself outside in the sun first thing in the morning. Soaking up the early rays boosts your body's Vitamin D production and also sets your circadian rhythm. Melatonin production is increased during this time, and releases appropriately for better sleep.

Barefoot in the grass will help you absorb the vital energy of the Earth we live on. Releases pain, boosts energy, and increases your mood to the good. Try to do it at least 10-15 minutes a day, especially when you are stressed!

Eating clean is easier during this time, so boost your body and take advantage of all the fresh produce and fruits available. It does a body good.

Make the most of the Summer while it lasts and get yourself in a better mindset too.


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