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The Season of Rebirth

Here comes the Spring. The season of rebirth. Flowers, leaves return to the trees, birds singing, longer days, and more pleasant temperatures. I look forward to walking in the grass barefoot and grounding myself to Mother Earth and getting my body and mind recharged by her delicious energy.

Winter was (personally) especially brutal. The death of my mother was how I see Winter defined. It was a decent into the cold darkness of the season. It was difficult to participate in the holiday season, which is the only bright spot in this part of the year for me, and spent most of my time away from the salon in the hospital with her. I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation for everyone's support and patience with me these last few months. I felt your love and I am grateful.

That is all behind me now.

Everything that Spring represents signals new life, new days, new adventures.

Join me on all that Spring has to offer. Rejuvenate and balance your energy with a relaxing Reiki session. Clear out the cobwebs of your soul. Let the season begin to bloom within your heart.


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