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Winter Hibernation or Haul Ass

So here we are. In the part of the year that can pull us into despair. I could never understand people that like this part of the calendar. The darkness. The temperature. The inclement precipitation that makes everything difficult and a mess.

So I decided to change that. Make this part of the year something important. Something that felt better to my soul. So I did.

I use the beginning few months of the new year to do the things I hate to do, put off doing, or are tasking to my person. What kind of things you say? Let me tell you:

  • Clean out drawers and closets. Donating things makes me feel good and throwing things out makes me feel even better. I pick one thing a week to work on and dedicate a few minutes to a few hours doing it. So uplifting to remove things that I don't need or use anymore.

  • Reorganization. Nothing makes me happier than increasing efficiency while making an area look better. I love to buy bins, baskets, and other organizational items for cluttered spaces like under sinks, in closets, and high traffic throw your stuff spots. So fun.

  • Unsubscribe. I use downtime or wait time to look at my many emails. Not to mention my many email addresses. I unsubscribe to the countless crap that comes across the internet abyss and clogs things up. I also do this on my social media platforms. I look at my follows, liked pages, and even some people and adjust what I am consuming. If I don't want to look at it, I remove it or unfollow it. Simplify your scene.

  • Streamline the finances. It is a perfect opportunity when doing less in these winter months to see what you are spending. Weed out the incidentals that are wastes of currency, stop auto paying on things you aren't utilizing, and set some boundaries. We all waste endless dollars on things we don't need. Make this time of year the time you look at where your money is going and give it a better path for the future.

What else do you do to restart your year? I'd love to hear some new suggestions or things you do that help you jumpstart the calendar the right way!

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