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It's time.

Here we are. In the rebirth stage of the year. Spring starts with the equinox and the equal division of day and night. So powerful. The landscape starts to come alive. Buds. Birds. Bugs. You know the drill. It is like the Earth wakes from a death slumber.

But what does this mean for you? It means a lot for me. It is really the time I start coming alive myself. Wardrobe changes. Hair changes. Make up changes. My skin care has to change. My diet changes. My habits change. It's like my year actually starts now instead of January 1st.

I find the change of the seasons exhausting. Like literally, exhausting. I need to nap. Every day almost. I do a lot of self reiki. I meditate. It's like my body knows that I am going to become more active and and it is storing up the extra energy and clearing space for creativity, for activity, and for life itself.

So enjoy this season with me. I will give you my tips on making the most of this amazing season and look forward to the beauty of rebirth for Spring.


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