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Letting go, life in the season of Fall.

We all hold onto things. Believe me, I do it too.

Whether it be things that no longer are used, people that don't fit in our life, thoughts that are destructive to our soul, or feelings and emotions that wear us down; we all hold on to stuff.

Autumn is the time the trees let go of the leaves. But guess what? They grow back. Green, verdant, and more beautiful than ever. We can do the same. Letting go of the things that no longer serve us leads back to a more beautiful space to be in. There is no more beautiful a space than our true authentic self.

We can feel when something is no longer making us feel good, or look good, or working for us. As a sensitive empath, I collect energy from people and places every day. I have to release that energy in order to serve myself and others that count on me. Here's an exercise:

  1. Breathe in deeply, and see your breath as love and light filling you up all the way to your belly.

  2. Let that breath out, releasing all that does not serve you. Feel the heaviness and tension go out with the breath.

  3. Repeat 2 more times.

Now I follow that exercise up with a protection ritual to keep my good vibes protected, but I won't get into that here. If you'd like to learn to protect your own energy, ask me on your next visit in. If you feel like you need a reboot, schedule a 30 or 60 minute Reiki session and we can jumpstart your new energy with a full body release.

Find beauty in the season of letting go, and make this season one of renewal and reenergizing your soul.

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