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Falling for YOU

It's coming. Crisp air, warm drinks, comfort foods, falling leaves, and the way the earth renews itself and prepares for the cold winter months.

How do you prepare? Sure we change our wardrobe line up, richen our hair color, and adjust our makeup pallet, but what do YOU do for YOU? It's important to not only change the outside, but what you do for the inside as well.

My Fall Favorite Tips to be ready for the season:

  • Up the Spiritual Practice Anty- Autumn shows us all the changes of the Earth. We derive our energy from the earth so grounding is very important. Get out and take a walk. Sit in the park and enjoy the leaves. Do more grounding meditations. Enhance your gratitude practice with some visualization and conscious appreciation of what's around you.

  • Batten Down the Hatches- With less sun worship available, Vitamin D levels will wane in the coming months. Make sure your vitamin and mineral intake is adjusted to combat the physical changes and increase your immunity.

  • Keep It Clean- Comfort food season is coming, and it is a glorious time to revisit all those hearty dishes we love and cherish. Make sure to add some fresh foods to your day and boost your immunity with greens, berries, and nuts. Frozen options are a great way to keep the fridge stocked and make a smoothie for breakfast to keep you going. Raw veggie snacks keep you on your game anytime.

  • Beauty All Around- Change your home environment! You change your clothes right? Change your decor in your home and work too. Add a little seasonal flair to your home with some accents that enhance the season. When our space is beautiful, it makes us feel better!

Embrace the season and live this Autumn at your best! Make sure to keep up your self care with a relaxing and balancing Reiki session, a pedicure while your color is processing, and a facial to keep skin fresh and glowing. It could be your best Fall yet!


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1 Comment

Kathleen Connolly
Kathleen Connolly
Sep 09, 2022

Nice article. Falling for it all...

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